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Dale Curd

Guy Talk

Dale Curd Guy Talk

Dale Curd, host of "Guy Talk" on Toronto radio station Newstalk 1010 CFRB, is a trained psychotherapist specializing in men's issues and Group Psychotherapy.

Going through the counseling process himself was an eye-opening experience and one that made Dale hear a calling to help other men learn about themselves and create happier lives. "I wanted to help men, get through painful places in their lives, so that they could feel more connected to the people that they loved." Dale says. When asked why he specializes in dealing with men, Daleís answer is simple: "I honestly feel that men are very lonely and lost, and out of these states men are unconsciously creating a lot of pain and shame in the world." Dale also comments that most self-help books, magazines and daytime talk shows are aimed at women - well, in a heterosexual relationship, men are 50% of the equation. "Men have to be able to admit to their partner when they are very lonely within the relationship. A lot of men don't even realize that this is something they can say or ask for. I had to go through a lot of pain and discomfort to figure that out and navigate my own journey, if I can make that learning curve less steep for the next guy, then Iíve served my purpose."

Since becoming a trained psychotherapist in 2005, Dale has been offering many different counseling options, including group sessions, one-on-one sessions and issue-specific workshops such as Anger Inc TM, designed to help his clients achieve a specific goal.

Dale Curd is a trained psychotherapist, the founder of "The Men's Program" as host of Guy Talk on NEWSTALK 1010 in Toronto. Dale is also the resident "men's expert" on the daily CBC-TV show "Steven & Chris". He is also a national, weekly columnist for 24 Hours and on the advisory board for Maximum Fitness Magazine. "Guy Talk" is one of Dale's more recent ventures, a weekly, one hour live radio call in show on Newstalk 1010 CFRB in Toronto. Speaking about the show, Dale says he's excited about this opportunity for a number of reasons: it's never been done before (has there ever been a show for men, by men, that is not about sports, politics or stereo equipment?) and the sheer reach of the show is invigorating. "I take the experience of what I do in a one-on-one or group setting with 12 men, and now speak with literally thousands of men at a time - thatís a very exciting paradigm shift."

Dale Curd,
Counselor/Dir.The Mens Program
Mens' Issues Expert
Host, GuyTalk, Newstalk 1010
"Helping Good Men Become Great"


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