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Love your body... first By Lisa Petty

Posted July 27, 2014
Love your body... first

Have you ever set a health goal, perhaps to lose weight through healthy diet and regular exercise, and just know that when you cross the finish line youll absolutely love your body? So, you dangle that self-love out there for some future time and place, like a carrot (with dressing on the side). ... Read More...

Why Strength Training Is So Important for Women By Carolyn Eagle

Posted July 23, 2014
Why Strength Training Is So Important for Women

In this body conscious society, it seems that weight loss tips and tricks for women are everywhere. Headlines are constantly advising us how to drop pounds, dress sizes, and inches quickly and easily.I admit to jumping on the bandwagon a few years ago by joining a weight loss program and losing a f... Read More...

How to Work Fish Into Your Family Meal Plan By Carolyn Eagle

Posted June 5, 2014
How to Work Fish Into Your Family Meal Plan

We hear the warnings over and over again. Studies repeatedly say that North Americans dont eat enough fish and are missing out on all of those healthy omega 3 fatty acids that are so critical for decreasing bad cholesterol and reducing our risk for so many diseases, particularly heart disease. We r... Read More...

June is Seniors' Month: Give thanks to the seniors in your life By Jackie Hickey

Posted June 1, 2014
June is Seniors' Month: Give thanks to the seniors in your life

Another early morning out on the Toronto area roads, off to a Seniors Month event in the city. June is Seniors Month and one of the busiest months for me, although it goes by fairly quickly with all the activities, celebrations and events that honour our seniors in the community. I love it! Recent... Read More...

Does Your Child Have Asthma By Carolyn Eagle

Posted April 22, 2014
Does Your Child Have Asthma

What is asthma? Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways. People with asthma have extra sensitive airways (breathing passages) and certain triggers such as dust, pollen, smoke, or cold air can cause those airways to become red and swollen, possibly causing spasms which make it dif... Read More...

Could You Be Suffering From Winter Allergies By Carolyn Eagle

Posted February 10, 2014
Could You Be Suffering From Winter Allergies

For many people, spring and summer mean drippy noses, watery eyes, and frantic trips to the drugstore when allergy medication supplies run low. How many times do we see the trees beginning to bloom and think ‘Uh oh, here we go… It’s time to stock up on tissues!’ But winter a... Read More...

Informed Health Decision Making By Carol Thomas

Posted February 1, 2014
Informed Health Decision Making

If you're like many of us, you may not realize that you can - and should - participate in the decisions made about your health. It's a good way to take control of an important part of your life. And it's easier than you think!   Let's say your pharmacist suggests that you switch to a differen... Read More...